How to Start CSS 2020 Preparation ?

CSS exam preparation:

It is no surprise why more and more candidates appear each year to test their luck with the CSS Exams, given the employment conditions of our Country in the Private sector. Today people from all fields of educational backgrounds are involved with taking the CSS exams. The Doctors, engineers, architects, Management students, Social scientists, journalists etc., interested in CSS , they all try to start their preparations at one point or another, but the million dollar question is : How should one start his/her preparation?*The wait is over, I’ve broken down the procedure into fine steps for interested aspirants. This is how you should start your CSS Preparations:

Step 1: Understand the Eligibility Criteria:

It is imperative before you begin preparing your quest for CSS examination, understand thoroughly the terms and conditions and the eligibility criteria for CSS Exams. It makes sense, because you wouldn’t like your candidature to be rejected after you have prepared for the Exams would you? So, check earliest if you are eligible for appearing in the next CSS EXAMS.

Step 2: Know yourself, Know your Aptitude:

The second and one of the most imperative step is to get to know your strengths, weaknesses and competitive advantages(if any) before hand.This allows you to understand your Aptitude. And it is your aptitude/inclination towards particular sciences which make you good at a subject. For example: Candidates good at Humanities subjects like Social science, Anthropology, Political science etc. should Opt for subjects that involve answers with Subjective opinions.Similarly, those who have an aptitude for History may Opt subjects like Indo-pak history, US-History etc. So, get to know yourself better, before starting preparations.

Step 3: Ask Questions and Clear off all misunderstandings:

Thirdly, you should jot down on a paper all your queries, issues, problems, confusions and misconceptions regarding the CSS Exams and their preparations. Then ask all such questions until you are satisfied with reasonably accurate answers.

Step 4: Subject Selection:

Now don’t act smart-pants and select the subjects unwisely, just because you Like a subject doesn’t make it a good subject selection choice. In CSS Exams, subject selection holds a position of key significance, because it is the Six optional subjects which make or break most of the Candidates each year.So, Select the subjects after due consultation, guidance and approvals from experienced CSS Veterans and Professionals.

Step 5: Guidance from Seniors:

This is also a very helpful and confidence boosting step. As the seniors are the best people to take help and guidance from because they have gone through it themselves and knew about the CSS exams at one point or another.They could gie you some of the most beneficial tips and useful pieces of advice which could certainly help you in your CSS Exam preparations.

Step 6: Preparation Plan and Strategy:

Once all is said and done in the initial Pre-Preparation phase, the next most important Step is to develop an effective Preparation(study) Plan, Strategize your Plan, Break it down into Daily Targets, Set weekly goals and devise a CSS Prep-Schedule. Sounds tough? Well, it is. Because it takes effort and commitment. Always Remember, if it was easy everybody would do it!

Step 7: Life Style Management:

Simply having a Study Plan and a Preparation Strategy without any discipline, hard work and motivation is like having Library with No books. What i mean is, that it is a worthless effort if not done properly. All those CSP Officers who took good positions had sacrificed their luxuries to discipline their Study routines. Lifestyle of CSS Aspirant must be different and more productive than an ordinary person.

Final Step 8:

Take Action!Only sitting on your bum day dreaming and planning wouldn’t get you anywhere. If you are seriously committed to clear the CSS Exams at the best of your ability, then GET UP, and DO SOMETHING! Act Now.

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